Deborah Shelby

Deborah Shelby created Interactive Ensemble in May 1997 and has helped a wide array of businesses, organizations, and State agencies achieve their ideal websites. She works closely with her customers, small and large, to understand how they envision their presence on the Internet — and then she makes that vision happen.

She will work with you to define your vision, and lead the team of designers, programmers, project managers, and writers who will ensure your website matches your expectations.  Her strengths:

Defining requirements: Tell her what you want—today and further down the road. She will figure out a staged approach that will be doable and desirable.

Coordinating resources: Every website has specific needs—Deb can bring the right people together to implement those needs.

Following through: Making sure the project meets the specifications, is delivered on time, and within budget.



Miss Sophie, Director of Health and Recreation.  

Photo: libby's lookout, fall 2008